Dean Bushala


Dean Bushala,
Fashion Guru

Dean is an Emmy-winning Producer and Director.

His documentary films and commercial work has taken him to some of the world’s most remote locations, from several hundred miles out onto the frozen arctic sea, to floating down the Amazon on a man-made raft, to 60 feet underwater filming sharks off the coastal reef of Belize. Dean is known to put himself a little too much into his work.



Dean created Red Branch in 1991 when he began work on the documentary, Green on Thursdays.

A documentary that exposed hate crimes against the gay and lesbian communities in Chicago. The film was released 2 weeks before the military came out with the controversial ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The film premiered at MoMA in New York and went on to become an international success winning over 30 awards including the Michael Moore Award for best documentary and eventually playing for members of congress at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

In 1995 Bushala turned to music television.

He was hired by Sir Bob Geldof’s company, Planet 24 and Atomic to design and launch MTV in Poland. The endeavor proved so successful that Dean stayed in Europe for an additional 4 years and helped launch additional native language music television channels.

While in Europe, Dean’s creative energy continued to grow as he directed commercial campaigns for international brands including: Philip Morris, Sony, and HBO. He was also instrumental in the rebranding and launch of Poland’s National Channel, Jeden (Channel One).

Upon Dean’s return to the United States, he directed and shot some of the highest viewed series on Discovery Network and History Channel.

Such as…
The Deadliest Catch, Biker Build-Off, Monster Garage, Moonshiners, Master Distillers, American Loggers and Ice Road Truckers. Ice Road Truckers is The History Channel’s highest rated series to date earning him a second Emmy Nomination for Best Cinematography.

Dean has been a Producer/Director for National Geographic (Disney+) since 2016. In 2020 he directed the wildly successful Disney+ series The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and repeated that success with Season 2 in 2022


Director, Dean Bushala

Director of Photography, Dean Bushala